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Micron Sand Filters Available For Hire.

Micron sediment Filters

Micron Sand Filters are now available for hire from The Plant Yard and can be used in applications such as waste water or storm water treatment on construction sites. Such sand filters can be used in combination with our sedimentation tanks also available for hire.

The sand filter micron uses sands as a natural filtration substance to clean water similar to underground aquifer operations by the water passing through various layers of sand and porous rock. 

Our sand filters are a very high quality Waterco Commercial Grade Micron Sand Filter. The wound fiberglass tank is perfectly suited to the constant changes in pressure that is common in sand filter operation.

Waterco Micron Commercial Sand Filter Features include:

• Heavy duty under-drain system. 
• Full Sized 1\\\" threaded laterals. 
• Large Commercial bulkhead assemblies 
• 16\\\" Heavy-Duty fiberglass manhole cover. 
• Efficient water distribution system eliminates media bed migration. 
• Low maintenance, noncorrosive materials throughout the filter. 
• Easy access to internal components. 
• Internal air venting.

To enquire now about our micron sand filters or any other hire equipment and tools. Our equipment range can be found on the equipment tab at the top of the page.

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