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Fresh Water Storage Tanks With Electric Pumps For Hire.

Our fresh water storage tanks with electric pumps are now available for hire at The Plant Yard. Some building and construction projects may be located in areas where the water mains have not yet been installed. Sites such as new subdivisions or road works are common examples of these projects. 

As these projects will require water to supply the site amenities such as site sheds, toilet and other wash facilities, site storage tanks may on occasion need to be installed with electric auto pumps to service such facilities.

Positioning our plastic water storage tanks is much easier than metal tanks as they are lightweight and have some flex. They should be installed in a stabilised flat area with no sharp materials underneath. Our plastic water storage tanks also don’t need the preparation that metal tanks need such as steel rings and a concrete bases to keep out rust.

To enquire about our water storage tanks or any other construction hire equipment, call us on +61418256435 or email

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Ivan Brbot