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Construction Sites, Rules & Regulations On Drinking Water

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Within the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 it outlines that the Code of Practice: Managing the work environment and facilities is the major document in regarding  the rules and regulations around drinking water on construction sites. It clearly states that workers are entitled to free drinking water. Be it bottled water or water bubblers, your workers are entitled to it. The water bubblers we have for hire are the perfect solution to meeting the requirements of the code of practice. Our water bubblers are also a cost effective method of providing your construction site with cool water. 

The Code of Practice: Managing the work environment and facilities requirements are outlined below in section 3.2. 

“ 3.2 Drinking water

An adequate supply of clean drinking water must be provided free of charge for workers at all times. The supply of the drinking water should be:
• positioned where it can be easily accessed by workers
• close to where hot or strenuous work is being undertaken to reduce the likelihood of dehydration or heat stress
• separate from toilet or washing facilities to avoid contamination of the drinking water.
The temperature of the drinking water should be at or below 24 degrees Celsius. This may be achieved by:
• refrigerating the water or providing non-contaminated ice
• shading water pipes and storage containers from the sun. 
Water should be supplied in a hygienic manner, so that workers do not drink directly from a shared container. This may involve:
• a drinking fountain, where the water is delivered in an upward jet
• a supply of disposable or washable drinking containers.
Water supplied for certain industrial processes or for fire protection may not be suitable for drinking. These water supply points should be marked with signs warning that the water is unfit for drinking. 

Mobile, temporary or remote workplaces
Sometimes direct connection to a water supply is not possible. In these cases, alternatives – including access to public drinking water facilities, bottled water or containers – should be provided for workers. ”

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