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Dangerous Goods Storage Solutions.


At The Plant Yard, we offer a variety of dangerous goods storage solutions for hire. These solutions include; flammable liquids cabinets, flammable goods containers and environmental spill pallet bunds.


Our flammable storage cabinets are a requirement when storing flammable and corrosive liquids. We have various sizes for hire to suit your jobs requirements.


Our flammable goods containers are ideal storage spaces for thinners, paint, diesel, oils, class 3 flammables, chemicals and many other dangerous goods. They are also lockable, which ensures your dangerous goods remain untouched overnight.

Our spill containment pallets can be easily relocated around site via forklift. The EPA regulations specify that it is required that all primary containers and drums such as fuel and oil, must be stored in a bunded area. The bunded areas must contain atleast 110% capacity of the biggest drum or container in the case of a spillage.

If you would like to find out more about our dangerous goods storage solutions or would like a quote. 

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For more information on the storage and handling of workplace dangerous goods, the National Code of Practice for the Storage and Handling of Workplace Dangerous Goods can be found here.