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site shed hire

At The Plant Yard we have a range of portable buildings and site sheds for hire from our Sydney base. Our range includes ablution sheds, change room sheds, first aid sheds, mess lunch sheds, office sheds and security gate house sheds.

Our site accommodation sheds are available in this range of sizes:

2.4x2.4 4.8x2.4 6.0x3.0
3.0x2.4 5.5x2.4 7.2x2.4
3.6x2.4 6.0x2.4

The ablution sheds come standard with toilet pans, hand wash basins, urinals with cistern, hot and cold water, coat hooks and work cover compliant electrical switch boards. The amount of pans, showers and hand wash basins contained within each shed is dependent on shed size.

The change room sheds come standard with change benches, exhaust fans, strip heaters and or air conditioners, coat hooks and work cover compliant electrical switchboards. This ensures the comfort of your workers all year round when using the change rooms.

The first aid sheds can be provided with first aid equipment on request. Including, approved patients chairs, bar fridges, blue coolant ice packs, beds, blankets, pillows, first aid kits, first aid taps, sink cupboards, hot water heaters, lockable cupboards, lockers, magnifying lights, office chairs, oxy viva resuscitators, privacy screens, stainless steel trolleys, sterilisers and folding stretchers.

The mess lunch sheds come standard with an air conditioner, sink with sink cupboard, hot water facility mini boil, fridge, microwave and or pie warmer, mess tables, mess chairs, coat hooks, external windows with guards, fly screens and work cover compliant electrical switchboards.  Additional equipment can be provided upon request.

The office sheds come standard with an air conditioner, office desk, office chair, visitors chair, fridge, external windows with guards, flyscreens and work cover compliant electrical switchboards. Additional furniture can be added such as sinks, white boards, pin boards, plan benches, filing cabinets, book shelves, plan racks, microwaves, meeting tables and meeting room chairs. 

The security gate house sheds come standard with lights, air conditioners and heaters. If required, other equipment can be included. They measure 2.4 x 1.2 m and can be used for large construction sites, parking stations and locations where traffic regulation may be needed.

When lifting a site shed via crane, we highly recommend the use of a spreader beam to ensure no damage is done to the sheds. We have spreader beams available for day hire and more information about them can be found here.

If you would like to hire our portable buildings or request a quote. Please email us on or call us on +61418256435.

Ivan Brbot