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Prevention Of Falls When Working At Heights

Safety on construction sites is the responsibility of all. When working from heights, whether it is the client, builder or workers, everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of themselves and others on site. The National Code Of Practice For The Prevention Of Falls In General Construction outlines these duties.

When working at heights of over 2 metres, there are 3 main steps involved to meet the National Standard.

  1. Identifying fall hazards,

  2. Assessing the risk of harm to a person associated with each hazard, and

  3. Controlling the risks.

What We Offer At The Plant Yard

At The Plant Yard, we provide several risk control methods for hire of varying National Standard hierarchy levels. Ensuring that the highest level of safety is always accessible. These levels are outlined below.

Level 1: Undertake the work on the ground or from a solid construction.

Level 2: Undertake the work using a passive fall prevention device. These include: mobile scaffolding, perimeter screens, perimeter guard railing, mesh panel edge protection systems, EWPs, work boxes & safety mesh.

Level 3: Undertake the work using a work positioning system such as travel restraint systems and industrial rope access systems.

Level 4: Undertake the work using a fall injury minimisation system such as a fall-arrest system.

Level 5: Undertake the work from platform ladders, or implement an administrative control such as ‘no go’ areas, permit systems, the sequencing of work and safe work procedures


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For more information on the prevention of falls in general construction, the National Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction can be found here.

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