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Portable Showers For Bathroom Renovations

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During bathroom renovations the loss of a home shower facility is a major inconvenience. Our portable shower hire provides this facility at home.

Our high quality portable showers can be positioned outside on grassed or concrete areas. Waste water from the shower unit can then be dispersed into garden areas or channeled into your normal gully traps.

Hot water can be maintained using your existing house hot water system ensuring that there is always plenty of supply. If main hot water heater access is not possible, we highly recommend the use of our portable gas hot water systems. 

When your toilet is located inside the bathroom being renovated, we can also supply sewer connect portable toilets. These can be connected directly into an existing sewer, ensuring minimal disruption during your bathroom renovation. This cost effective option, is a more hygienic and less intrusive option to a pump out portaloo.

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