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5 Safety Tips When Using Our Portable Generators

When using a portable generator on a job or construction site, safety should always be the first priority. Here are our 5 safety tips we can recommend to ensure your site remains safe when using our portable generators.

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  1. Place the portable generator in a dry and well-ventilated location, this prevents any carbon dioxide build up which could potentially carbon dioxide poisoning.

  2. Ensure the portable generator is switched off and has cooled down before refueling. The generators can get quite hot and any fuel that is spilled on hot engine parts can ignite and cause a fire hazard.

  3. Do not overload the portable generator. It is important to plan out your works as overloading the generator can result in serious consequences such as fire.

  4. Never plug the portable generator into the wall, this is called back feeding and puts workers at risk of electrocution.

  5. When using multiple tools through the portable generator, ensure that you turn on one tool at a time to prevent overloading the generator.

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