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Construction Water Cooler & Water Bubbler Hire.

Our new products include larger capacity water coolers, water bubblers and drinking fountains for hire. These products assist site managers ensure staff are well hydrated, safe and productive on your job.

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The Spreader Beam For Lifting Portable Site Sheds.

The Plant Yard has the right spreader beam for lifting containers & site sheds. Spreader beam can sometimes be confused with lifting beams. Spreader beam lifting ensures that the compression forces of the lifting cranes lifting chains are reduced and consequently do not damage the shed barge and roofs, or bend long items such as roof sheets.

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DO NOT Store Oxygen & Acetylene Cylinders Together!

Oxygen and acetylene safety practices are extremely important when using for welding and more importantly, storing the gas cylinders. Whilst welding it is required for both gas cylinders to be contained within an oxy/acetylene trolley. However, when work is complete, storing oxygen and acetylene cylinders together is an incorrect and dangerous practice.

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Portable Water Cart Hire at The Plant Yard

Dust controls and suppression on a larger scale on site can be monitored and contolled via the use of a portable forkable water tanker. This 2500 litre unit can be lifted onto the back of a small truck or trailer and be used to spray water on site via the sites own personnel and trucks, thereby eliminating the need to hire an external water tanker and driver providing greatly flexibility and cost savings on site.

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Pedestrian Ramp Hire, Sydney.

The Plant Yard, Sydney now has pedestrian access ramps and gutter/kerb ramps for hire. These ramps are the ideal solution to providing pedestrians access to cross safely over common building site obstacles such as concrete pumping lines, electrical cables and trenches. 

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Environmental Spill Tank Bund For Hire.

The Plant Yard's spill containment pallets are available in various sizes and all have forklift pockets inbuilt which allows for easy transportation and storage. From 2 drum spill containment pallets, up to 4 drums on a single pallet, they are an essential item for any drum and liquid storage.

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Edge Protection Mesh Panel & Safety Fences.

Our new products include edge protection, mesh fencing, mesh panels, perimeter fences & safety fencing.

These products assist site managers meet work cover safety regulations. Good management of Site safety is extremely important to prevent accidents and provide a safe working environment. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these products.

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Micron Sand Filters Available For Hire.

Micron Sand Filters are now available for hire from The Plant Yard and can be used in applications such as waste water or storm water treatment on construction sites. Such sand filters can be used in combination with sedimentation.

The sand filter uses sands as a natural filtration substance to clean water similar to underground aquifer operations by the water passing through various layers of sand and porous rock. 

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Lifting Cage Hire Available At The Plant Yard, Sydney

The Plant Yard has recently added to its fleet of large craneable lifting cages, a number of mobile lifting cages dimensions 3.0 metres long x 1.2 metres wide x 2.0 metres wide, mounted on heavy duty wheels. All lifting cages come with a current engineers certificate and are ideal for the transportation of joinery, kitchen cupboards, ducting and any other items which be more efficiently transported using a lifting cage.

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First Aid Cages & Work Boxes Are Available For Hire.

First Aid Cages and Crane Personnel Work Boxes Are Now Available For Hire From The Plant Yard, Sydney. An important point to note is that persons suspended from a crane shall only be accommodated in first aid cages or crane personnel work boxes designed for that purpose and the boxes and cages must come with current engineering certification.

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Temporary Power Boards Available For Hire.

Temporary Power Site Boards are now available for hire from The Plant Yard Sydney. These temporary site power boards provide a solution to the supply of temporary power to building sites such as new sites, refurbishment or other construction projects or in situations where temporary power boards might be required. 

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Ticket Booth Hire And Security Booth Hire.

Ticket Booths and Security Booths are now available for direct hire from The Plant Yard, Sydney. The new fleet of portable buildings are ideal for construction sites and parking stations. They can also be utilised in locations where traffic regulation is needed, and or security personnel require a portable building as a station. The sheds have specially engineered fork pockets for simple transportation with a forklift.

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Heavy Duty Steel Trestles For Hire.

Heavy Duty Steel Trestles sometimes called stillage’s are now available for hire from The Plant Yard Sydney. Construction sites find these heavy duty steel trestles a valuable asset in many situations including but not limited to providing the ability to land reinforcement onto them and not directly onto the formwork deck. 

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