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Prevention Of Falls When Working At Heights

Safety on construction sites is the responsibility of all. When working from heights, whether it is the client, builder or workers, everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of themselves and others on site… At The Plant Yard, we provide several risk control methods for hire of varying National Standard hierarchy levels. Ensuring that the highest level of safety is always accessible.

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Using A Rumble Grid On Site

Our rumble grids, also known as shaker grids and wheel washes, are designed to remove mud and dirt from trucks and other vehicles leaving your construction site. This is a requirement by many Council DA’s and is built into many environmental and construction management plans under soil erosion control measures.

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Construction Water Cooler & Water Bubbler Hire.

Our new products include larger capacity water coolers, water bubblers and drinking fountains for hire. These products assist site managers ensure staff are well hydrated, safe and productive on your job.

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The Spreader Beam For Lifting Portable Site Sheds.

The Plant Yard has the right spreader beam for lifting containers & site sheds. Spreader beam can sometimes be confused with lifting beams. Spreader beam lifting ensures that the compression forces of the lifting cranes lifting chains are reduced and consequently do not damage the shed barge and roofs, or bend long items such as roof sheets.

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DO NOT Store Oxygen & Acetylene Cylinders Together!

Oxygen and acetylene safety practices are extremely important when using for welding and more importantly, storing the gas cylinders. Whilst welding it is required for both gas cylinders to be contained within an oxy/acetylene trolley. However, when work is complete, storing oxygen and acetylene cylinders together is an incorrect and dangerous practice.

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Construction Sites, Rules & Regulations On Drinking Water

Within the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 it outlines that the Code of Practice: Managing the work environment and facilities is the major document in regarding  the rules and regulations around drinking water on construction sites. It clearly states that workers are entitled to free drinking water. Be it bottled water or water bubblers, your workers are entitled to it. The water bubblers we have for hire are the perfect solution to meeting the requirements of the code of practice.

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Portable Water Cart Hire at The Plant Yard

Dust controls and suppression on a larger scale on site can be monitored and contolled via the use of a portable forkable water tanker. This 2500 litre unit can be lifted onto the back of a small truck or trailer and be used to spray water on site via the sites own personnel and trucks, thereby eliminating the need to hire an external water tanker and driver providing greatly flexibility and cost savings on site.

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Pedestrian Ramp Hire, Sydney.

The Plant Yard, Sydney now has pedestrian access ramps and gutter/kerb ramps for hire. These ramps are the ideal solution to providing pedestrians access to cross safely over common building site obstacles such as concrete pumping lines, electrical cables and trenches. 

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