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Prevention Of Falls When Working At Heights

Safety on construction sites is the responsibility of all. When working from heights, whether it is the client, builder or workers, everybody has a duty to ensure the safety of themselves and others on site… At The Plant Yard, we provide several risk control methods for hire of varying National Standard hierarchy levels. Ensuring that the highest level of safety is always accessible.

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Lifting Cage Hire Available At The Plant Yard, Sydney

The Plant Yard has recently added to its fleet of large craneable lifting cages, a number of mobile lifting cages dimensions 3.0 metres long x 1.2 metres wide x 2.0 metres wide, mounted on heavy duty wheels. All lifting cages come with a current engineers certificate and are ideal for the transportation of joinery, kitchen cupboards, ducting and any other items which be more efficiently transported using a lifting cage.

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First Aid Cages & Work Boxes Are Available For Hire.

First Aid Cages and Crane Personnel Work Boxes Are Now Available For Hire From The Plant Yard, Sydney. An important point to note is that persons suspended from a crane shall only be accommodated in first aid cages or crane personnel work boxes designed for that purpose and the boxes and cages must come with current engineering certification.

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