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Onsite Rainwater and Groundwater Discharge Solutions

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At The Plant Yard, we have sediment tanks available for hire, also known as settlement tanks or bins. They are the ideal water management solution when your construction site has received large downpours of rain or are working close to the groundwater table. The tanks provide a simple and economical solution to issues surrounding dewatering, especially water containing heavy suspended solids. Before water can be discharged off a construction site legally to stormwater or other receptors, it must be tested for factors such as turbidity and odour.

The sediment tank design makes them easy to install and are perfect to desludge your water. Due to the tanks size and portability, they are great for sites which have a buildings footprint which covers a major portion of the site. They also require less area than a ground sediment pond or trap.

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Sediment tanks can also be used for hydrocarbon separation, as well as liquid holding tanks and bins. This provides environmentally friendly sedimentation controls on your construction site by ensuring that no oils, fuels, silts, and or dirty water are discharged and forced back into the watercourse exposing you to hefty fines from the EPA.

Along with our sediment tanks, we also have a variety of dewatering pumps available for hire. These include puddle pumps, sump pumps, submersible pumps, pressure booster pumps, single phase and 3 phase water pumps. Our range of water pumps can be found by clicking this link.

If you would like to hire our sediment tanks & dewatering pumps or request a quote. Please email us on or call us on +61418256435.

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