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The Spreader Beam For Lifting Portable Site Sheds.

The Plant Yard, Sydney, has the right spreader beam for lifting portable buildings & site sheds. The spreader beam can sometimes be confused with lifting beams. Spreader beam lifting ensures that the compression forces of the lifting cranes lifting chains are reduced and consequently do not damage the shed barge and roofs, or bend long items such as roof sheets. This is assisted by the two bottom points. All portable buildings and site sheds should only be lifted with the use of spreader beam.

Our spreader beams have a minimum of 4 lifting points. Spreader beams can also be used when lifting machinery when there is a potential for damage to occur to components due to the angular position of chains during the lift.

The main advantages of spreader beams is the multiple hook points on the bottom. This spreads the load more and is especially useful when lifting something that doesn’t have the structure to support its own weight. Another advantage is that they’re built with a single point connection at the top so they occupy less crane height to lift since rigging above the beam isn’t required.

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Ivan BrbotThe Plant Yard