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Liftmaster Bin Lifter now available for hire.

sulo bin lifter hire.jpg

The Wheelie Bin Universal 250 Bin Lifter is now available for hire from The Plant Yard Sydney. For the top of the line when it comes to safe wheelie bin lifting and tipping, the liftmaster bin lifter is the right machine. 

Ideal on building sites, retail outlets, or where ever waste disposal is an issue, the wheelie bin lifter is a push button unit with a complete safety cage that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into larger dumper bins. The push button operation eliminates all manual handling and associated risk and is designed to lift up to 250kg at a time. Using the process of pushing a button to lift and empty the bin in a 40 second cycle, it operates on a 12 volt rechargeable battery (which ensures the unit is completely portable) with a Smart Charger that allows the unit to run on mains power while the battery is charging (or be permanently mains powered).

They are made to mechanically lift and empty 240L wheelie bins into larger bins. With the strict OH&S; regulations now in place and the prevalence of back injuries associated with manual handling. Wheelie bin lifters are in high demand on construction sites. With the push of a button, you can securely and safely lift and tip your wheelie bin. Eliminating slow, hazardous manual lifting and increasing efficiency and safety. 

Ivan Brbot