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Heavy Duty Steel Trestles For Hire.

Heavy duty steel trestles sometimes called stillage’s are now available for hire from The Plant Yard, Sydney. Construction sites find these steel trestles a valuable asset in many situations including but not limited to providing the ability to land steel reinforcement onto them and not directly onto the form work deck of your job site. This not only has the advantage or reducing the risk of back injury to steel fixers during the distribution of the steel around the deck, but also in areas where post tensioning ducts or other services need to the installed. The reinforcement steel is not landed on top of these services or ducting. It also makes work more time efficient and in turn, more cost efficient.

They can also be used during the prefabrication of reinforcement beams and columns, and in situations where equipment needing servicing such as painting can be placed at a working level i.e. above ground level. All of these heavy duty steel trestles come with current engineering certification and have been used successfully on a number of large construction projects.

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