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Council Compliant Pedestrian Ramps For Concrete Pours

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Pedestrian Ramps

Our pedestrian ramps enable safe pedestrian access over concrete pumping lines. The hire of pedestrian ramps is especially useful on large developments in the Sydney CBD. This is due to the large amounts of foot traffic which is present during concrete pumps onto site for backfilling and slab works. Due to this tripping hazard, council requires installation of safe and temporary access for pedestrians at the council approved angle.

Hiring a portable ramp also provides a cost effective and time saving alternative to manufacturing your own. They are also especially useful when diversion to another footpath or the other side of the road is not an option.


Our pedestrian ramps are council compliant and constructed from aluminum, making them easy to unload and assemble. They include a centre ramp, two end ramps and 4 rounded pedestrian friendly ends. They also have a coarse chequer plate underfoot for added grip for pedestrian safety. They are also painted with a anti slip, highly visible and grit based yellow paint.

Our pedestrian ramps are designed with highest level of quality, wheelchair friendly, are easy to move, set up and use. They are also extremely competitively priced as well as much more cost effective to hire rather than purchase. 

Other Hire Equipment

We also have kerb ramps; a variety of traffic management equipment such as road safety signs, safety cones and barriers; and temporary fencing to ensure the safe management of foot traffic around your site boundary. Being located in Sydney also ensures speed of delivery to your job site. 

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Ivan Brbot