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Inertia Reel. How It Works!

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Inertia reels are used to reduce fall distance for when working at height. Reduction in fall distance equates to less chance of injury. They are made from a retractable synthetic fibre rope, webbing or wire rope that is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-biased to wind the reel in. In the event of a fall, the inertia reel is rapidly pulled out of the housing until it reaches a critical velocity (the “lock-on speed”) at which point the brake mechanism engages and the clutch mechanism decelerates the user over a short distance sometimes the inertia reels may use an external tear-web type energy absorber. The installed inertia reel swivel prevents twisting of the fall arrest system as a result of the worker moves around.

The inertia reels should always be used above the user’s shoulders to ensure their effectiveness. When deciding on using a fall arrest inertia reel system, particular attention should be paid to the situation and whether it is the right option. Inertia reels are not suitable in a situation where a worker might not reach the speed necessary for the inertia reel to activate. This could be a steep sloping roof or an unstable materials which could partially support the workers weight. Please note that inertia reels are not a working support harness and they are not designed for continuous support.

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