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Hiring Scaffolding For Painting

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Mobile Scaffold Hire

Hiring scaffolding for painting is the best and safest way to ensure a stable working platform when working at heights. Our aluminium scaffold is easy to assemble, mobile, lightweight and can also be used by electricians, insulators and interior decorators for instant use.

Scaffolding Laws Regulations

The scaffolding Australian standards state that the construction of a scaffold where someone could fall more than two metres is defined as high risk construction work under the model Work Health Safety Regulations and requires a SWMS. A SWMS will set out the work method to safely erect, use and dismantle a scaffold.

If works are to be carried out when there is a risk of a person or object falling more than four metres, you must hold a scaffolding high-risk work licence (scaffolding ticket). For example, if a scaffold is erected to clean paint a ceiling less that four metres high, then high-risk work licence. This includes having the frame erected by a licensed scaffolder.

Further information about Australian scaffolding laws & regulations can be found here:

Our Mobile Scaffold

Our scaffolding comes with guard rails, ladder, castor wheels, platforms (with hatch on request), horizontal braces and diagonal braces. We are based in Sydney and can deliver to your job site. Our scaffolding hire is available for short and longer term hire periods at a very competitive rate.

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