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Using A Rumble Grid On Site

Rumble Grid Hire

We have rumble grids for hire, also known as shaker grids and wheel wash systems. The grids are designed to remove mud and dirt from trucks and other vehicles leaving your construction site. This is a requirement by many Council DA’s and is built into many environmental and construction management plans under soil erosion control measures. Ensuring your construction site is in compliance with these requirements are critical in keeping public roads free of dirt and mud, as well as keeping your site, fine free.

Why Use A Rumble Grid

The use of a rumble grid also reduces the potential for cost and resource intensive hose run wheel wash units, and street sweepers. In some sensitive cases however, one can benefit greatly by using our rumble grids in conjunction with a wheel wash. In the case of using a wheel wash, it is an EPA requirement to treat this water before discharge. Our sediment tanks are ideal for this use, by desludging water containing heavy suspended solids.

High Pressure Water Cleaners

We also have high pressure water cleaners, which make cleaning the mud and dirt off truck tyres easy. They are commonly set up nearby the rumble grids to ensure the mud and dirt can be washed off the wheels. This is especially useful on suburban and city sites.

Shaker Grid Hire.JPG

If additional width is required then our half grids can be placed alongside our larger rumble grids providing a more larger set up. Our railway line construction type grids are much more user friendly to truck tyres than other grids of angle type construction.

Steel Road Plates

We also have steel road plates ranging up to 6 metres which are commonly used with out rumble grids.

If you would like to hire our rumble grids or request a quote.

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